Like the greedy gujju fraudster officials, google does not realize that trust lost is difficult to regain

In 2021, most people are using smartphones extensively, spending all their time messaging and using different apps.
After being cheated, exploited, robbed and subjected to human rights abuses for 11 years without a legally valid reason, the domain investor does not trust the tech sector and is not interested in using any gadget extensively
So despite being an early domain investor, netbanking user, because of the indian internet sector financial fraud, government slavery , the domain investor has lost faith in the tech sector.
It appears that google and its associates want the domain investor to use gadgets extensively,to innovate yet the domain investor is so upset and disappointed at the cheating, exploitation, the lack of humanity and honesty in the tech companies, that she is least interested because she will only be cheated, exploited, get nothing despite spending her time and money.
Like the greedy gujju fraudster officials and companies like digitalmind sending messages, google, tata do not realize that trust lost is difficult to regain