Greedy well paid government employees refuse to purchase domains, block domain sales and also steal advertising revenues

Though they are getting monthly salaries for FAKING domain ownership since 2010, Greedy well paid government employees refuse to purchase domains from the real domain investor, block domain sales so the domain investor cannot reduce her domain expenses and are also stealing advertising revenues from the domain investor so that she is making $0.001 or less from almost every ad network she tries
These greedy government employees are mostly getting a monthly salary of Rs 60000 a month or more, yet they do not allow the domain investor to make even Rs 3 monthly from advertising revenues, though the domain investor is paying Rs 900 annually for domain renewals alone.
If the domain investor is making more than 7 paisa a day, greedy government/ntro employees are stealing the advertising revenue for themselves
When there is so much financial fraud in the indian internet and tech sector, it is difficult to trust officials