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Wordpress is one of the most popular content management systems in use today, but should be used sparingly for a number of reasons. None of these have explicitly stated, but we are listing these reasons based on our observations.

1.All wordpress installations are closely monitored. If the websites are not updated on a regular basis, due to a lack of resources, or the website design is not satisfactory, the developers ( or those closely associated with them) will object. All the blogs owned/managed by the same webmaster will be sabotaged using the techniques explained below. 2. Plugins and themes will not work satisfactorily, and will not yield the desired results .
3. Blogposts will be deleted remotely /anonymously without the webmasters knowledge or permission.
4. One of the most attractive features of wordpress is the option which allows visitors to post comments on the blog. However, if the developers, do not like a particular webmaster, they will ensure that the blog has no legitimate comments. Only spam comments , which take up a lot of resources like CPU usage, bandwidth and disk space will be posted. This nullifies one of the major advantages of wordpress.
5. Like any software, there are a lot of bugs in Wordpress, which can be used by hackers to install malware on the blog, especially if the software is not regularly updated. Updating the various versions of wordpress can be a very time consuming process, especially if the webmaster is managing a large number of blogs.
After considering all the above problems, as online publishers we have decided to significantly reduce the number of wordpress installations and focus on static websites, which are low maintenance and do not consume a lot of resources.