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Atleast in India, the internet sector is the worst in the treatment of women, as women are judged almost exclusively on the basis of their looks. A single unmarried woman entrepreneur gets the worst deal as she is subjected to blatantly false defamatory and malicious character assasination campaign which can ruin her reputation and impersonation attempts, wasting a huge amount of Indian tax payer money. Unfortunately the persons behind the defamation campaign remain anonymous and remain unpunished even when their lies are exposed.

Even if a lady customer is spending tens of thousands of dollars with them, these internet companies will have no qualms subjecting her to identity theft, doing everything possible to promote an extremely mediocre lazy greedy well connected good looking fraud who is not spending a single paisa/penny with them. The trusting customer will be put under surveillance for years so as to perfect their lies, and the fraud involved in identity theft will be given unlimited support and helped to intercept emails, phone calls and SMSes.

The competence of a woman is also judged almostly exclusively on the basis of looks and hairstyle. If someone knows nothing, but has a nice hairstyle and knows how to massage the ego of the powerful men who matter, the important people in the industry will believe all her lies, and shower her with privileges she did not deserve , just because of her looks. On the other hand, a person who is not goodlooking will be framed and subjected to harassment continuously, due to lack of professionalism and short sightedness of the people who matter.

Hence it is important for older women, especially if they are not good looking and single , to revolt against technology and have an alternative source of income that does not depend on technology to a very great extent.The hidden wifi network can monitor almost everything on a laptop remotely, and powerful officials will falsely claim that their lazy greedy friends and relatives are doing all the work.