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Till a few years ago, there were few restrictions on starting a website, especially for GTLds . Anyone can register a domain name and purchase webhosting to start a website. Unfortunately, there are few known rules or guideline new webmasters can follow . For example the design of a website will be largely the personal choice of an individual. Some people may like flashy websites with graphics, animation which take up a lot of bandwidth, while others may prefer simple, minimalistic design. In countries where internet bandwidth is expensive and closely monitored, a wise webmaster will prefer to keep the website size as less as possible . Unlike most other professions where individuals interact with other companies, customers and vendors personally, most webmasters work in isolation with little contact with others. Also many of the larger internet companies instead of helping newcomers, who may be their large customers, will instead do everything possible to destroy the life and business of these customers, so that they can take over the business. The tactics used by these companies will be listed in this website , and are an indication of the lack of ethics and morals of these companies.

Even if a customer is spending several thousands of dollars with them, these internet companies will not help them in any way. All requests to tell the rules will be ignored, as these companies lack the basic humanity and decency which is commonplace elsewhere. However, when the same customers will make mistakes, almost exclusively due to the discrimination and denial of information, these same companies will go out of their way to criticize the webmaster, stealing the retirement savings to blackmail a vulnerable person