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One of the most attractive features of working online (atleast to a newcomer) is the availability of open source software. The software can be downloaded and installed on a website without paying any fee. The webmaster is only expected to provide a link to the home page of the software developer, which can be fairly expensive for a high PR website. However, after some time, the loopholes/disadvantages of the open source software especially Wordpress are exposed to the webmaster.

1. Most open source software contain bugs /exploits which may be misused by hackers, especially if the latest updates are not made to the installations. For most versions of software, applying updates can be a time consuming process, especially if modifications/customisation has been done.
2. Backdoors - except the simplest software, most open source software have backdoors which can be exploited by development team to steal data if they wish to. If a small online business has been targetted for hostile takeover by a large corporate with unlimited resources at their disposal, it will be very easy for them to get access to the backdoors and sabotage the website where the software has been installed.
3. Customer support - Since open source software is free, most developers do not provide any support to users of the software. The only support available is through forums. If the software is not widely used, it will be difficult to find other users for the software
4. Ageism is a common problem in the tech sector, especially for women, and open source software. Hence older webmasters are advised not to use open source software extensively, keep their websites as simple as they can.