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Most open source software is used on Linux servers and by default this software uses mySQL databases. For small websites, other types of databases, like flat files could be equally efficient, but unfortunately, most open source software developers do not use this database.

1.Based on experience, most mySQL databases are subjected to manipulation of the highest order. For example, for our directory websites, we get most submissions from non English speaking countries, indicating that the online business is accepted as legitimate only in those regions. In other cases, none of the submissions are relevant to the website topic.
2. We have reason to believe that the mySQL connections are stopped for certain webmasters.For a few directories, we found that all the pages had suddenly become blank, though there were no changes in the HTML,PHP files and mySQL database. The reason for this erratic behaviour cannot be traced easily till date. The mysql servers have stopped working
On the other hand, we have been using flat files for some other websites, but do not face problems of erratic output. Ultimately, static HTML websites are the best option, low maintenance, low on resources.
3. Website with mySQL databases, especially wordpress websites are hacked repeatedly resulting in a major waste of time, in removing the unwanted malware from these websites. On the other hand static websites cannot be monitored remotely and they are very rarely hacked. Every month wordpress blogs are hacked, while static website will not be hacked for more than a decade. A webmaster with a large network of websites will try to minimize the time wasted on website maintenance.