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Webmasters are often criticized if their website design is not satisfactory or attractive. However, not every webmaster is a good graphics designer, and the internet community often makes it difficult for a webmaster to hire a graphics designer, especially if their emails are diverted through greedy officials. These officials may demand a bribe for email delivery which every web designer may not be able to afford . Any graphics designers or web designer who tries to assist the webmaster is ostracized or threatened.

Often a webmaster has only a limited budget and many only be able to afford functional websites which provide information. A webmaster cannot afford to spend a large amount on website design, when the revenue from the website will not cover the amount invested in the website. The basic purpose of these websites is to provide information on specific products or services. When so much time and effort, indian tax payer money is wasted ensuring that the webmaster is denied access to a reasonably competent graphics or logo designer, why be a hypocrite and criticise the webmaster for poor design

Additionally graphics will add to the page size and more time and data transfer will be needed to open the website. In countries like India where internet access remains expensive and highly regulated and closely monitored, a webmaster who has been making a loss will try to reduce their expenses. Having websites with little or no graphics will reduce the page load time, even if the web hosting server used is very slow,
In countries like India, high tech websites will not open easily, due to the slow internet connectivity, hence webmasters will revolt against conventionally tech logic and develop simple static websites which can open quickly in a few seconds even with the slowest internet connection.