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Compared to other sectors, age based discrimination is the strongest in the internet sector, especially in certain internet companies which boast that the average age of their employees is less than 35. Repeated efforts are made to deny an older person credit for the work done, his or her competence is often questioned. Powerful officials and companies will defame the older person doing all the work as a lazy fool, and falsely claim that their lazy greedy young friends and relatives are doing all the work. On the other hand, a younger person may not know anything or do any work, but he or she will often get all the credit because of his or her age, and because he or she has a powerful backer who can use the hidden wifi network of the government to monitor the laptop of the older person, so that he can make false claims to promote his lazy greedy young friends

Additionally the younger person will given unlimited assistance in stealing the identity of an older person, who is put under surveillance to steal emails, SMSes, and phone calls wasting a huge amount of Indian tax payer money. Mails for the experienced older person are diverted to the younger person who has commited a fraud, just to harass the experienced person, so that the younger person can demand a bribe for delivery of the mail or steal the mail to become rich and powerful overnight

The emphasis on looking young is very great, most people do not realize that they will become old one day, discriminating against a person solely based on the appearance, will be extremely unfair. Unfortunately those who have very great powers to harass and discriminate can conveniently remain anonymous, and cannot be held accountable in the court of law. Older people are also denied very important information, though they may request for the information repeatedly, which cause great mistakes and financial losses.
Instead of working online, spending time and money on domain names, webhosting, and being discriminated repeatedly in the worst manner, denied credit, it will be better for older people to revolt against technology and focus on a career where technology does not play an important role.