Tech sectors love for fraudsters leads to layoffs

Almost all the major tech companies are announcing layoffs in future, this is mainly because these companies are the greatest supporters of fraudsters especially in the indian internet sector, getting government jobs for all the fraudsters falsely claiming that these fraudsters with no online income at all, are online experts and domain investors,
The real domain investors are humiliated, slandered, cheated, exploited, subjected to human rights abuses, denied their fundamental rights, so they become demotivated and have no incentive in investing any additional money in domains, tech sector in future.
usually employees of large companies are less likely to innovate since they get a good salary without taking any risk, it is the small online businesses which innovate. When top tech, internet companies allegedly google, tata reward all the fraudsters who cheat, exploit innovators, investors, there is no new innovation and the large tech companies will layoff employees